Brand Management

brand management

Marketing Solutions Ink brand management services include:

•   Brand consultation, audits and reviews
•   Brand creation and logo design
•   Consistent brand launch rollout across all company materials, including stationary through to
     partner affiliations, outdoor signage, websites and in-store presence
•   Art direction, design, illustration and photography
•   PR, copy writing, advertising campaign creation and placement
•   Brand administration including copyrights, trademark registrations and language translations
    (for international audiences or reach)
•   Brand awareness and recall with your target customers and partners
•   One-off campaigns or ongoing brand push.

If you want to build greater brand equity for your company name or products, we make sure that your customers and key partners can easily distinguish the benefits of your brand, and that you consistently stand out from competitive brands.

Whether you’re just starting out, entering a new market or your brand needs a re-vamp, Marketing Solutions Ink takes care of the finer details of brand management, to ensure that your brand is remembered for all the right reasons, at the right time.


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Thu Mar 31 04:55
Real time marketing and PR needs to be understood by the big corporations. There is a great opportunity for everyone, you just have to know how to engage! I've just been to a Real Time Marketing and PR Masterclass seminar in Sydney with David Meerman Scott!


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